Thursday, April 27, 2006


Raindrop_Fountain-Roselands, originally uploaded by Mezza.

Australia's (& "the Southern Hemisphere's") first "shopping - community centre" - Roselands - opened on October 11th, 1965.
Its centrepiece and symbol was the Raindrop Fountain: 15 miles of clear nylon thread suspended from the ceiling, with drops of water constantly trickling down into a pool.
It was removed in a remodelling project in 1988. A new, quite different fountain was recently installed.

See Suburban Icons: A Celebration of the Everyday, by Steve Bedwell (ABC Books, 1992) for more, and Source E in [PDF]

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


coming and going - catblogging ella snoozing ( April 15, 2006)

ella snoozing

To match with the green apple (11/10/2005); a quince

from Medlar Comfits, by Anna Tambour:
a quince's bottom
I love eating quince raw slice by raw slice—the knife is my favourite quince treatment. All of the quince's unique smell is retained. The sound of the knife going through the flesh is something I enjoy, as is holding the fruit in my hand. It is a wonderful feeling fruit, having a quite human skin.

The mouth-feel of raw quince is wonderful, too, if you like it (and I love it).

On cold days, though, there's nothing to beat baked quince and oatmeal with cream.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Neon Lights at Crest Theatre

Crest Theatre 20051203 (on Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

Crest Theatre Neon Lights
It's not really that difficult, although it took me a while to get the hang of it. On automatic settings, you will usually overexpose neon (because the camera reacts to all the darkness around it), and you won't get the rich colors. So now I use shutter speed priority mode. I usually start at ISO 200, 1/80 of a second (which was the setting for this photo), and then re-shoot it once with a faster shutter speed, and once with a slower shutter speed, just to make sure I get one shot that comes out well. — tspauld (Tom Spaulding)

Tasmanian Trip 2005 (story so far)

Tasmania 2005 (Some photos from my holiday to Tasmania, a Flickr Photoset - work in progress).
I'm not sure if I should break this down into smaller sub-sets, such as all the ones taken around Macquarie Harbour and Strahan, all the ones around Hobart and those around Devonport, plus a set of ones taken while travelling between the three main places I stayed; or breaking them down into landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, plants, places, people; or whatever.

I will have to find a different place to store the video clips I also took with the digital camera.

By Sea between Sydney & Tasmania (A Flickr Photoset - work in progress) This will include both the journey down and back, scenes of Sydney and Devonport as well as of the ship itself and sea-scenes from it.