Saturday, January 10, 2009

Links to my Online Photos

Because of my health problems and other related time-users, I don't know whether I'll be putting up more links and displays in this image blog, though I'm trying to keep up entries in my general blog, Another Dark Little Corner.

Link to my Flickr Photos
I'm putting most of my photos up on my 'pro' (paid) Flickr site account, Sketches by Mez ( photos/ sketchesbymez). There are collections of my scanned historic family photos — a bunch from World War II, including the Japanese surrender in the Philippines, and earlier, right back to the early 1900s — as well as sets from my 2005 trip to Tasmania, visits elsewhere, hospital stays, Pyrmont and my general imaging.

Outside Flickr, there's a couple of Tabblo pages I've experimented with ( studio/ person/ Mez). This site gives a way of creating a picture layout and display, rather than Flickr, which is like just slotting your images into an existing plain album. You can use the Tabblo layouts to publish a paper book (also possible with Blurb, and in different ways, Lulu [my blog books], and CafePress [blogbook vol 1]), ≈ others create image displays designed for online, or at least screen-based, viewing.

There's also my 'hub blog' here on Blogger, Sketches by Mez, which is just a place to collect together links to my other blogs, image displays and online presence.