Friday, February 17, 2006

Not Tasmania

qofd - Quizzical Kitten (breakfast)

Wild Neighbors at Dharma Bums (another type of cat)

Nadar - on the beach
This rather remnds me of some of my Ocean Beach photos from the west coast of Tasmania — the dark sand, wide beach, mountains in the distance up the coast beyond the mist of spray above the waves.

Have I posted them here? <CHECKS>

No. I haven't put any of the photos from my time in Tasmania here yet. I've loaded quite of a few them up to, but not by any means the majority yet, or sorted. Here's a link to the set page (

The first batch was a chunk of nice scenes that would make good desktop backgrounds for computers, but only at 640 x 480 size, I'm a bit thingy about trying to leave some kind of ID on them so if people use them there's an acknowledgement (I do try to put something so that you can find the original &/or the originator of photos here.)

So many other things to do, I haven't had the time & energy to do much sorting, labelling & heavy uploading.