Friday, May 27, 2005

Abusing Amazon images; Some quite odd online things

Abusing Amazon images

Ethical Considerations
Abusing Amazon images for decorative art on your own web pages makes use of Amazon's processor and bandwidth. While Amazon is generally good about letting people use their systems for interesting projects, it should be remembered that they make access available in order to ultimately sell more stuff.

My recommendation for those who want to use Amazon's services without being a total leech is to either save a copy of the resultant image and host it directly, or be sure to include a link to the Amazon sales page for the product depicted.

Ummmm ... : or, for something completely different (both possibly offensive to many people).

Chill-out city :) - probably better with sound & faster connexion

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Cat on the Edge by frombrosis on Flickr

cat on the edge, originally uploaded by frombrosis.

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This classic tabby reminds me of my own late beloved one. Seh could get a mean look on too - reminding you that she was Ancient Royalty, from the line of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Not to be messed with.
Perspective does strange things to the mind here. Not bad ones, though.
Windswept Tree, La Perouse


fern, originally uploaded by Doctor Swan.

I'm following the seasons here. The ice and snow in winter was amazingly beautiful, and spring is looking good too